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The early Christian church took up collections to fund the spread of the Word and to help the poor and each other. Some 2,000 years later, nothing has changed -- except that the modern world has made it possible to give in so many different ways and complicated it enormously with tax laws. In addition to the tithe, many wish to know how to give in memory of others, how to provide for a place in their wills to support the church they love, or how to give for a specific need that is close to their hearts. All of these gifts should be tax-deductible but please check with your tax advisor for specific questions.

Recurring giving

Tithing and sacrificial giving are the bedrock of support for the church. Tithing, of course, is the regular setting-aside of our worldly earnings to the church. The importance of the tithe is beautifully illustrated in the story of the widow’s mite, and a commitment to the support of the church and its mission is one of the first and most powerful commitments of a Christian. Giving above the tithe is often referred to as sacrificial giving – giving more than God asks you to give -- but we see these sacrifices all the time. Even now, Orcutt is engaged in a vigorous and successful improvement of our children’s and adult education areas supported entirely by regular, recurring donations from our members.

One-time giving

There are many instances when a one-time gift is preferred. The most common is probably the yearly collections for special efforts such as the Lottie Moon Christmas offering supporting mission efforts overseas. However, there are other gifts that can be much more personal. For instance, you may wish to make a donation in memory of a loved one or to commemorate a special event. One hundred percent of all such gifts go to the designated purpose.

Finally, many members choose to bequeath something to Orcutt to continue the support of God’s mission and to acknowledge their love for this church. If that is your wish, please contact the pastor and, working with your attorney or advisor, we will insure it is used in the manner you intend.

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